Daily Prompt: Helpless

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Helplessness: that dull sick feeling of not being on the reins. When did you last feel like that– and what did you do about it?

I had several days like that. One of them was when my Mom told me I could only stay at my friend’s house for an hour. She was firm and I was scared.

One might think perhaps I was a teenager and a naughty one so mom had to rein me in. It was nothing like that. I had completed all my education, a master’s degree in History and an education degree as well. I was teaching in a local school.

My friend also finished her degrees like me, she came from a respectable family, her mom let her come to my house whenever she wished, but my mom was not in favor of letting me go to her house. She did not have a brother, she only had one little sister.

I felt strange that at age twenty two my mom would be so strict with me. Anyway, I did nothing I went to my friend’s house, first thing I told her was I’m only allowed to spend one hour with her. When the clock told me my time was up, I quickly hired a rickshaw and came home.

………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

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Imagine that tomorrow,all your duties and obligations evaporate for the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What type of fun activities would make your day?

From August eleventh to eighteenth, my daughter and I went for a vacation to Montreal, lovingly called “La belle province” Montreal is the big city of La belle province ‘Quebec.’

We had a great time walking, riding the train to the shopping centre, eating  junk food to our heart’s content. There was no one to warn us, to eat healthy, eat unhealthy was the go of the day.

Then we watched some live tennis matches, even here we ate junk food. Now we are back home thinking about the fabulous days we had.

There was only one downside to these awesome days, our way back home, the airplane ride was awful, although we bought the tickets, they gave us the worst possible seats. When we announced we should get seats so we could sit together, we were told we’d have to pay thirty dollars per person to get the privilege to sit together. Well we had to pay the thirty dollars to move. The Airlines I mean our most favorite airlines is making us pay to check our baggage. Before we paid for the second bag the first was free. Now it is necessary for them to make more money and who pays, we the passengers.

Now that I have related the awesome and the sad story, I’ll get to where I’m offered a day all to myself. do anything I like, I’ll have most fun if I get the freedom to make a large sign why no one should travel by our awesome airlines, the reason , they do not feed you, they sell food, they make us pay for seats which by right we should get. For heavens sake we bought the ticket why should we pay for seats as well.Then the baggage fees is getting higher.

This will give me untold fun!:)