Five sentence fiction:Breakfast

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was a school day, Penny woke up late, she was about to rush to school, her mom stopped her.

“No, Penny,” Mom said, “you must not skip the first meal of the day.”

Reluctantly she came back and sat in the kitchen, hurry mom she said, “just pour a glass of milk, I’ll be okay.”

Mom ignored her request, she toasted two slices of bread, fried an egg, and poured a small glass of orange juice, “start eating, think about nothing but the food in front of you, at this moment your concentration should be on your breakfast, do not lose this precious time thinking about school.”

Penny was astonished to hear how her mom was speaking,she never told her to concentrate on eating her food before, she must have read a book with a title which says,”Concentrate,” how strange she thought and started eating.


Daily Prompt: You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch

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What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.

I dislike discrimination, even if my best friend treats someone differently, I won’t hesitate to let her know. I had the unfortunate experience of facing it a number of times.

It is not a quality anyone should be proud of. It changes human’s personality, this behavior shows up in one’s face. Imagine this face one spends so much time and effort to look good cannot look pleasant, because one’s internal feeling takes over and this very face turns ugly.

Sometimes in our lives we become mean like Mr. Grinch. I am no exception, when someone hurts my feelings I tend to remember it and find it difficult to forgive them ever. I know it’s a terrible habit.

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