Writing 101, day 6 : The space to write

What are your writing habits?

What equipment or supplies do you use to write? What do you need and want in a physical space?

Today insert a poll at the end of this post to gather ideas on what to write( if you prefer not to add a poll to today’s post, an alternative is publishing a new page with a contact form, which you can use for this purpose.)

Over the next few weeks, collect post ideas from your readers and drop them in simplenote.You’ll refer to this well of ideas later in the course.

I normally start writing after I get all my work done. it includes, waking up, wash to prepare for prayer. Next I prepare breakfast and eat it.

It can be 9 AM , when I’m ready.Sometimes I do not have assignments to take care of. It is during this free time, I get hold of Tagore songs and translate the Bengali lyrics into English.

Since I joined, “Writing 101”, I have an assignment waiting for me to do. Week-ends are free.

The  equipment I need to write, is a pen and an exercise book where I jot down the day’s assignment.

I also need my laptop and a desk to place it on, and plenty of light. On dark cloudy days I turn on the artificial light, when sunshine is not available.

I’m lucky I have plenty of space in my bedroom. I avoid taking my laptop in the kitchen, even though there is more physical  space in the kitchen.

I like the physical space in my bedroom because I do not have to move my laptop to make room for something else.

This sums up my writing habit, equipment or supplies I need and what my needs are in terms of physical space.

I did not understand how to insert poll, can someone help me?

…………………………………… 🙂

6 thoughts on “Writing 101, day 6 : The space to write

  1. I don’t even understand why I would want to use a poll so you’re ahead of me! My understanding is in order to post a toll I would have to upgrade my blog and I’m not sure that would be money well spent at this time. Sooo I moved on to the contract and I’m not even sure I did that properly! I’m sure someone will get back with you and give you the help you need. The support staff have been very patient with me! Good luck!

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me how we all have our own particular areas, computers, lights, and ambience, all of which create a sort of ritual setting for our creations. In this case, it is for you to create written pieces to share with others.

    All good wishes,


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