Writing 201, poetry,day two

Today write something about a gift.

Today’s form: acrostic

Gone are the days when a gift was special,

I never looked for anything real.

For real things are not within our reach,

Take this she said, ‘It’s a song you can teach.’

Song and teach  ? Not me I’m awful!


The moment she said it, my ears went up to listen,

As if it was a mystery my mind got the impression.

Get me a chair she commanded loudly,

Oh I’m sorry I obliged silently.

‘Rock my baby,’ she said like a friend,

Elated I was to hear her command!


She took me to a  room,

It had flowers in full bloom.

My attention strangely was on a funny box,

It was tied with a ribbon which looked like a  fox.

Lying to you I swear  is never my wish,

Extremely disgusted  I thought it was a fish!



I know it’s  not what you will think sounds like poetry.

But I registered for this course to solve the mystery!”