Writing 201, poetry,day two

Today write something about a gift.

Today’s form: acrostic

Gone are the days when a gift was special,

I never looked for anything real.

For real things are not within our reach,

Take this she said, ‘It’s a song you can teach.’

Song and teach  ? Not me I’m awful!


The moment she said it, my ears went up to listen,

As if it was a mystery my mind got the impression.

Get me a chair she commanded loudly,

Oh I’m sorry I obliged silently.

‘Rock my baby,’ she said like a friend,

Elated I was to hear her command!


She took me to a  room,

It had flowers in full bloom.

My attention strangely was on a funny box,

It was tied with a ribbon which looked like a  fox.

Lying to you I swear  is never my wish,

Extremely disgusted  I thought it was a fish!



I know it’s  not what you will think sounds like poetry.

But I registered for this course to solve the mystery!”



20 thoughts on “Writing 201, poetry,day two

  1. Dear Melinda,
    Tagore was a very famous poet from Bengal. I was able to translate his songs and poetry, because I am a Bengali.

    The link that I sent you was posted and published on August 31st.
    If you go to my site and use the link it should work.
    Click select month, go to august 31st and click it you will see the song and translation. Click if you want to hear the song. Even though it’s a language foreign to you, the rhythm and tune is wonderful.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    You *definitely* have a knack for poetry!

    Thank you for sharing this poetic creation :).

    All good wishes,


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