writing 201: Poetry, Day 6: Faces, Found Poetry,Chiasmus

Today’s form: found poetry

Today’s device: Chiasmus

Theme: Faces

Our Prophet said, “do not live to eat;

It is better if you eat to live.”

It not only makes you healthy,

It saves humanity from hunger.

Sharing food gives us dividends,

Our name is entered,

In the book of good deeds!


When we see hungry faces,

It’s our duty to wipe off those traces.

We were meant to help each other,

So we can live peacefully together!!

14 thoughts on “writing 201: Poetry, Day 6: Faces, Found Poetry,Chiasmus

  1. My dearest sister,

    Thanks for the trouble which you must have gone through in order to present this. It has refreshed the concept of chiasmus in my mind, which I had forgotten. Plus the thoughts which you have shared and how you shared them is a treat. šŸ™‚

    • My dearest brother,
      Someone today wrote a comment that I should appreciate every comment I receive, I replied I treasure each and every comment I receive.
      You are my brother your comments always makes me happy, that you found the time out of your busy writing to read my post and write, is beyond my expectation you always write your comment regardless of what it is I write. Thank you so much. šŸ™‚

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