Ghazal: Singer, Gayathri, lyrics: Bahadur Shah Zafar, posted and translated by Ranu

I never had trouble speaking as I do now.

Your meeting place was not like it is now.

Who has taken away my patience and calm?

I was never this impatient like now, O heart!

God knows the magic that was in her eyes,

My emotions never ran so deep as they do now,

I lacked the power of observation,

I never was overwhelmed as I am now.

I never had trouble speaking as I do now!


Daily Prompts: Trick Questions

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A pulitzer- prize winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece about you.What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

The three questions I do not want H/S to ask me are:

  1. How much money I make. He/she should not ask this question because it’s personal.
  2. What kind of dwelling I have. Where I live is not a relevant question.
  3. I do not want H/S to ask me anything about Politics.
  4. The above are my questions.
  5. ………………………………….:)

Daily Prompts: By the dots

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We all have strange relationships with punctuation- do you overuse exclamation marks?Do you avoid semicolon like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

Comma, period and semicolon;

went for a ride in an overused wagon.

The wagon was unable to take the load,

it broke into pieces on a city wide road.

“What have you done? said the officer;

I will send you to prison to meet the jailer.”

Oh me, oh my screamed all three;

we cannot go to jail please set us free!

…………………… 🙂



Daily Prompts: Seven Wonders

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Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What  would your seven words be?

Khalil Gibran was a smart man, he knew people will never understand each other, if there was:

My seven words are:

  1. Love
  2. Tolerance
  3. Equality
  4. Compassion
  5. Considerate
  6. Cooperative
  7. Peace

Blauwe_Moskee.JPG (2048×1536)

Wikipedia image of Taj Mahal ; the symbol of love

Daily Prompts: Out of your Reach

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Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received it? Tell us about it.

When I was a child, there were certain things our parents gave us without asking. During our Eid-al Fitr, a celebration we have after the month of Ramadan, we were given new clothes which we chose ourselves. My Dad gave us money to spend, we were not allowed to eat any kind of junk food.

I remember every month a vendor came by to sell pastries, he had a large trunk where the pastries were in little shelves. My Dad would ask the guy to open his trunk, we were then allowed to choose one each. We were twelve kids and now that I think of it, he probably could buy one each or may be he did not want us to eat more than one because of the sugar, cream in them and also calorie wise it was not good for our health.

Once I was playing with the kids in our neighborhood, I saw a boy playing with a tennis ball, I was fascinated, I could not wait for my Dad to come from work. He barely put his foot on the door, I stopped him and asked, “Abba (Dad) can you buy a tennis ball for me?”

He turned around and went out, I didn’t think much, a half hour later he came back with four tennis balls, one for me and three for my younger siblings. I was delighted and thought my Dad was the best father in the world.

My parents were always ready to buy things for us, if we asked. We didn’t ask for anything expensive.

……………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Brainwave


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What’s the better idea you’ve ever had? Regale us every detail of the idea_ the idea itself,where it came to you, and the problem it solved.

The best idea I ever had was when my friend Robert started blogging, and I wanted to find out what blogging was and could I try it as well. I asked my good friend, he encouraged me and said, he was thinking of telling me to pick up the craft of blogging.

In the beginning there were a few roadblocks I had to deal with. For instance what can I write about, another friend stepped in and suggested it would be a neat idea if I translated Tagore’s poems. I was thrilled but had to tread cautiously. Yes I knew the language as it happened to be my mother tongue, there was a ‘but’ factor lingering in my brain.

Was I capable of taking a risk like that. I did not admit I was scared, at heart I was. This task was not easy, I had no experience translating.

I started with a short one and slowly I was feeling confident. I translated several poems and my friend encouraged me all along.

From time to time I found other things to do. I discovered the every day daily post. I read the prompts and began to write.

From prompts I went to five sentence fiction writing. Each week we were given a one word prompt, we were expected to write a story based on the prompt.I wrote stories for a while. It was discontinued.

I looked for other things to do. I joined the 101 writing course offered by WordPress. It lasted for four weeks. I loved it, I was able to keep myself busy.

The recent poetry course offered by WordPress was one I loved the most. I loved to read, recite memorize poetry, I did not have the experience of writing it.

I’m glad I joined blogging , I’m gaining experience writing things I haven’t done before.

…………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt: Right to Brag

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Tell us about something you( or a person close to you)have done recently( or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

I don’t know if I’ve gotten the right to ‘Brag’ but honestly I never dreamed I’d be able to complete the two week poetry course offered by WordPress, recently.

It was ten days of serious writing of poetry, we covered topics like: Screen, Haiku and Alliteration, coming from a background of memorization  and recitation, ‘Alliteration’ reminded me it’s only the beginning that there was more to come which would completely knock my concentration.

I still kept my mind in check, giving up was not what I’d like, because I refused to be a coward. Next evening the prompt was : Gift, Simile and Acrostic.

I had no trouble knowing what ‘Gift’ means to me. ‘Simile’ I had a faint idea, but ‘Acrostic’ was as foreign as Latin. How was I going to tackle with the ‘A’ word. My mind however was always ready to step in: “Come on read the instructions it cannot that tough.”

I put on my thinking cap and set my eyes in motion, surprisingly enough it all came together for me.

Once I agreed to go for the ride, I wasn’t going to give up , no matter how jerky the ride would turn out to be.

We were entering station three, here we had to cross “Skin, Prose Poetry and Internal Rhyme.”

The instruction was to choose whatever meaning of ‘Skin’ speaks to me most. I picked the most obvious one and did whatever I could with: Prose Poetry and Internal Rhyme.

Fourth Day I decided to have some fun with: Imperfect, limerick and Enjambment. My brother’s face showed up in the horizon, I got my cue, and thought there is no better guinea pig like my brother. There were some laughs on the way. I felt we’re only here for a short while why not have a bit of fun.

Day five introduced me to, Map ,Ode and Metaphor: I wrote my poem, whether it deserved an ,”A,B, or C.” I was not worried because I could see the finish line.

Day Six: it stunned me, I understood, Face, Found Poetry, Chiasmus thoroughly scared me. The ride was getting jerkier now, I wasn’t ready to take a Bow.

Then came number Seven: Neighborhood, Ballad and Assonance, I began to feel trapped in my vehicle, sure I expected some turbulence but this one felt as if I’d crash. We had an ace for a pilot, so I felt secure.

Station number Eight had a weird name it was : Flavor, Elegy, and Enumeratio. I told Horatio our station master, I’d be fine.

Number nine also alarmed me for I saw the sign: Cold, Concrete Poem and Anaphora/ Epistrophe. I almost crashed here, luckily the tree came to my aid.

Day Ten was my toughest test, I had to deal with : Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe. I read Shakespeare’s sonnets also those written by  Brownings. It didn’t matter, my brain refused to cooperate. I thought about this all evening, luck didn’t favor me. I was completely frustrated, I decide to skip it.

Early Saturday an email, a sad one, from a friend we’ve known for years, suddenly unblocked my mental block, which helped me to write the poem, I could not use pleasure, but was able to write the last poetry prompt of the course.

I think I can brag because I wrote all the poems that were given to us.

…………………………… 🙂



Writing 201:Poetry, Day Ten:Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

Today’s form: Sonnet

Today’s  Device: Apostrophe

I have struggled hard to write this sonnet since I saw the prompt. I find it very difficult to give up. This morning an email from a friend brought some sad news. I’m sorry I’m not writing this for pleasure of any kind, but something to show our friend we all understand what this loss means to him and us.

To My Friend!

Today our good friend’s world is in disarray.

His dearest son bid goodbye forever!

I don’t know how to  comfort him today.

How can we humans deal with this ever!


He truly has been a good friend for long.

I feel lost to know he’s out there suffering.

I wish I could say, “don’t believe this it’s wrong,

He will come back to you happy  smiling.”


Life puts us through so many hard exams.

It’s not easy when you are facing it.

So let’s pray my friend can make other plans,

Like spend time  with  his  other kids and not quit.


Our children are special we  know it’s true,

I hope none of us,will face this blow too!

………………………………… 😦


















Writing 201: Poetry

Day 9: Cold, Concrete Poem,Anaphora/Epistrophe
Today’s form : Concrete Poetry
Today’s device: Anaphora/Epistrophe
the days
are shorter
my mind begins
to wonder, are we
expecting to see large
snowflakes today?My mind
says:not just yet,be ready
with your shovels and ice pick
after snow it might rain and make
the surface slippery and icy,it really
becomes so bad only your skates will help.
I know
is the
when the snow will show up.
It will cover the car, the walkway
the outside porch and driveway and the tree
O God, help me I will say
O God, You are the one who
can save me,from the cold ice and snow
From today I will begin to Pray,
So the snow is not heavy, I will Pray,
Do you think it will help if I Pray?
So that the winter does not last long!
………………………… 🙂

Writing 201: Poetry,Day Eight–Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

Make today’s poem about one flavor( feel like addressing multiple flavors? Go for it!)

Today’s form:elegy

Today’s device:  enumeratio

Poetry was always my source of inspiration,

I read it in three languages,

English, Bengali and Urdu,

I wish there was more,

Still It was enough to quench my satisfaction!


Then I saw an ad of taking a course,

In poetry writing, I exclaimed with joy,

I knew I enjoyed reading and recitation,

But writing it was beyond my expectation!


I got my courage together,

And signed up for the course,

All the while wondering ,

Did I make the right choice?


Then came the day I saw an email,

It’s poetry day one I read out loud,

Screen, Haiku and Alliteration,

What will I do? I cried with sheer desperation!


Screen and Haiku wasn’t too bad,

But Alliteration made me sad,

Even then I made an attempt,

Alliteration did  not let me  connect!


Next  Gift, Acrostic and Simile, showed up

I knew the first and the last,

But had no  clue what’s Acrostic,

@benhuberman kindly explained,

The first letter of each verse explains it.


Skin, Prose poetry and Internal rhyme followed,

What will I do with these I thought,

Hey I loved reading and reciting poetry,

Never did I think poets dealt with so much misery!


Imperfect, Limerick, enjambment,

Raised their head and proclaimed,

For this use your brother as a guinea pig,

There is none better my mind declared!


Map, Ode and Metaphor,

Danced a wicked dance as I watched them,

In my dream the M and O fell off their head

What was left was Ap, De and Etaphor!


Day six introduced,

Faces, Poetry and Chiasmus,

My vocabulary for these,

Was totally reduced!


Day Seven, I presumed I was in heaven,

Until I saw Neighborhood, Ballad, and Assonance.

I woke up, to my surprise  and  found,

Them guys were looking at me and counting SEVEN!


Eight screamed: Flavor, Elegy and Enumeratio,

I said wait a minute young Horatio!

I know why you are on my tail,

I need to repeat all of the above you wail!


@huberman,@ pollock and the WordPress team,

Can you give me another chance ?

I promise I’ll correct my follies,

I promise I will never try to scream!

………………………………. 🙂