Writing 101, Day Six: The Space to write

Where do you write? Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop? Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization?

Assignment:  Today, describe  the space where you write,or if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting? Consider these questions to shape your post.

What are your writing habits?

What equipment or or supplies do you use to write?

What do you need or want in a physical space?

In my bedroom, I have a tiny space; it is sufficient to put my small table with two drawers. My laptop is placed on it. Besides my laptop, there is my telephone to answer calls if there are any. I placed my mouse on my right hand side.

The drawers are for my pens, Occasionally I need them to jot down a few things, also these pens keep my handwriting in check, I do not scribble, I know I won’t be able to decipher them later on when I need to.

I have a  chair to sit on, I borrowed this from the dining room, there are plenty there, but should need arise because there are more than six people; who I’ve invited for supper;I just drag the chair out of my room to the dining room.

I like writing after breakfast, sometimes it’s 8 AM , but today it’s a bit late. In the morning I do better, my concentration is great; I can sit for two or three hours writing without a break.

My companions are my two Siamese Himalayan breed felines, who quietly take their nap on my bed while I’m writing.

I started blogging in October 2012, now I feel lost if there are no assignments for me to do.These are times when I translate some Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu songs. It keeps my brain from getting lazy.

I guess this is all I can think of writing for today’s  assignment.