Writing 101,Day Seven: Let Social media inspire you

Assignment: Today write a response to the following tweet.

You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.

I felt the same when I completed my education degree, I got the job because of the document which said I successfully completed the course.

While teaching in the classroom I felt I knew nothing, all the courses I took were not helping me in the classroom.

I actually started  learning when I was in the classroom with the kids.

When I thought through it dawned on me, I had to study because by doing so, I was gaining experience in handling situations, ones I never faced before.

In my second year of teaching, I was in charge of teaching forty-two kids in the second grade. I was told by one of the kids I was their sixth teacher in six months.

It should have frightened me, like Julie Andrews, who said: what’s wrong with the children?

I stood in front of those little tikes unmoved by this announcement. The word cheeky came to mind, but since it was my first day; I let it go to see who comes up a winner in this competition , me or the forty-two sharp-minded kids?

I did not have to wait too long, next day as soon as the recess bell rung, it didn’t even take forty-two seconds for them to disappear from the classroom.

This experience did not scare me, it certainly made me think. I walked out of the classroom, went to the verandah to see where these hooligans were hanging out.

My thoughts were interrupted by the gym teacher, a fine and knowledgeable man who warned me these are the worst children in the whole school. I took all this information  and waited for the following day.

The day had come for me to take some action, the kids were working on the task I gave them while I looked at my watch to see the time, it was 10.10 AM, the bell for recess would ring after five minutes . I promptly went to the door and locked it.

I turned around and saw the kids looking at me, I told them: if anyone stands up before I tell them to, there will be no recess for you.

There was pin-drop silence, I further announced they will have to stand in a line and wait for me to tell them to walk out of the classroom.

They did as I told them, after this incidence I never had any problems with them. When they were asked what kind of a teacher I was, “she’s the best teacher we ever had.” they said.

In my courses I didn’t learn anything about discipline. In real life I did. My mom had twelve of us, and out of them eight were boys, my mom was strict and my brothers were afraid to disobey her. I learned early on from my mother how to discipline children.

I put this knowledge into practice when my turn came and never had problems teaching kids. Kids are the sweetest human beings on this earth, they understand a lot.

All those hours, days,months and years of learning, provided me with the experience I gathered to use my education wisely.