Writing 101, Day thirteen: Play with word count

Assignment: Pay attention to the total length of your post.

This is my 100-word true story.

My younger siblings and I were playing outside the house on a  Wednesday morning. My mom’s  scream got our attention, we hurried into  our Dad’s bedroom.

What I saw that day is lodged in my memory, I can still visualize everything very clearly. My dad was lying on the bed,my Mom was crying and reading the ,’Holy Quran’  my brother was holding my dad’s arm and saying: Abba(Dad) please don’t go! Dad looked ; tried to say something, couldn’t, within minutes it was all over!

……………………………. 😦

10 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day thirteen: Play with word count

  1. My dearest sister,

    I am also very sorry for your loss. It’s a powerful piece that has left me speechless. May God grant your father’s soul a high reward in paradise, and all the blessing.

    • Although this happened years ago, to me it seems as if it happened only yesterday.
      I can remember exactly where in that room we were sitting and standing.
      I never knew what death was until that day.From that day onward every time
      I looked at my mother, tears came rolling down my cheeks!

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderfully written post. I agree with Kathy, in that it is powerful and sad.

    All good wishes,


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