Writing 101,Day 20: Wrap it Up

Today’s assignment is “Wrap it Up”

Publish a course wrap up:what did you enjoy or dislike?

Describe a day,assignment , or a Commons exchange in which you experienced an “Aha!”  moment.

In December, I plan to …

5,10 ,20 years from now….

This was my second time doing this course, I feel sad to see it’s ending today. I knew no one in the course but always felt if I have any problem someone will come to my rescue.

On Day 9 when we were told to prepare to collaborate with a blogger, suddenly I was concerned, I did not know if I could reach out to anyone, to do this assignment. I waited a few days and wrote on the Commons to @Cheri, I did not know anyone well enough to do this  assignment, if I could do an alternate assignment. Her reply was I’m welcome to do it, but one of the bloggers whom I didn’t know came forward and volunteered to interview me.

I hadn’t read it, at first but one of the bloggers said,”Ranu grab it!”

I did not understand what I should grab. I went back to the comments section, waiting for me was ,@Cheri’s and Philippa’s comment. I was pleased I would be able to collaborate with Philippa.

I sent her an email in which I told her I’d be very glad to work with her.

She wanted me to be the interviewee, which I gladly accepted. She then sent me an email with questions to answer. I answered her questions and sent it back.

When I did not hear from her I thought she didn’t get my email. I asked her and found out she had problems with her computers. All this was fixed soon.

Her final email was to see if the answers were all right, there were a few I fixed.

Everything went smoothly and I felt relieved I did not have to cop out of this assignment the second time. Philippa is a great blogger I was extremely pleased to meet her, she helped me out of my misery by collaborating with me. She did most of the work. I’m very grateful to her, it was a huge help to me.

Our blogging community and the WordPress team needs to be congratulated for making us aware that we are a family. We will always be there for each other!

………………………. 🙂