Tagore song posted by Ranu

I posted this song of Tagore, fortunately it’s sung in Hindi, English and Bengali, the lyrics were written in Bengali by Tagore, the Hindi and English translation  is done by two very talented individuals whose names I do not know. The song is sung by three different singers. I do not know who they are.

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Daily Prompt:Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

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When I was ten, none of the above occupied my mind. After school all I did was play with my siblings. My routine was to wake up early in the morning and watch my mother cook breakfast.

Next I’d get ready to catch the school bus which came to pick me up at 6 am. I’d go without eating breakfast and refused to take any food to eat in school at lunch hour.

My mom sent cooked food for my sister and me, I avoided going to my sister’s building to eat, she of course was happy to share the food with her friends.

When my mom found out she forced me to take her delicious paratha and omelette to eat during lunch break, I was warned not to bring back the food. I however did not eat the food but came home and gave it to my younger siblings to eat . I told them not to tell my mom about it.

This went on for a while, until we moved to Bangladesh from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I completed my high school privately and registered in the local co-ed college.

During this time my sister always put me down by saying I’d be a dropout. This did not bode well with me.

One day she did the usual thing, she criticized me, I was fed up, I told her, “One day I’d also just like you have a masters degree, no one will care if I got a first class or a third class. They will just say WOW, like her sister she also has masters degree.”

First time in her life she was stunned. I of course said it and forgot about it. A few years later she reminded me, I smiled and said,  I am successful , aren’t I ?”

My ambition was  to do better than my sister, without staying well past midnight, like she did.

To be a Ballerina is a tall order, even at age ten I realized that. Firewoman , Astronaut or a Movie Star, in my mind all these are for gifted people. I only wanted to learn to sing. My mother promptly vetoed this ambition, in her book education was the most important thing for her kids.

I’m not unhappy but feel lucky that I was able to complete my education, with the help of my two older brothers, they took care of my college and university fees!

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