Writing 101, Day 6: Fallacy

Assignment: Today, let’s write poems that are wholly illogical.

Let’s see how miserably we can get reason to fail; both our reason and the reason that guides our readers.

Try not to consider this prompt as a call to nonsense but rather a call to use your good(creative)sense to arrive at firmly misconstrued ends. Surprise yourself.


Prompt: Fallacy

I’ve never surprised myself yet,

Today must be the day I bet.

When I read the word Fallacy,

Immediately I  thought of logic and philosophy.


Poets and philosophers are not the kind,

To enter so readily in my unoccupied mind.

What will I write if I haven’t a clue,

Time is fast approaching when this is due.


This is the true story of a stranger,

Who posed as a religious holy man.

My mother was impressed by his behavior,

She immediately became his fan .


He wanted  rice and sweets on that  day,

My mother sent the servant  shopping,

While his sermon  started  without delay,

And  my naive  mother was busy  cooking.


The food was ready he sat at the table,

Ate as much as he was  able.

He mentioned he needed some cash,

To get something for my mother in a dash.


In the meantime he declared in that corner,

There is a whole lot of  treasure for her.

With these words he left our house that day,

Promising to come back yet another May.


Did we see him ? Unfortunately not,

My mom deserved what she got.

God gave us brain to use it not lose it,

Can we ever learn from our mistakes ?

I sincerely doubt it!

………………………………… 🙂