Daily Prompt: Resolved

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Have you ever made a new year’s resolution that you kept?

Every year for the past few years, I made new year’s resolutions. I failed to keep any of them. I don’t even remember what were those resolutions. After the first week I stopped thinking about them.

Last year I seriously thought of fixing my basement, but did nothing about it. I blamed it on not having enough time. I know I cannot clear the mess in one day, it has to be done slowly.Every time I look at it I feel disgusted and promise I’ll take care of it. The year went by in a flash and the basement looks worse every day.

This year I have made more than one resolution.

Number one : I will read twenty five books this year. I read one book already and am reading my second book.

Number two: I will learn a few languages, they are: Farsi, Spanish, Arabic and French. I started Farsi, I’ve read the first lesson, it is the alphabets. It’s easy because, they are the same as Urdu, except they don’t have some of the Urdu alphabets. I have learned a few words, I need to practice them daily.

Number three is cleaning the basement: I haven’t started yet, I do hope to start getting rid of things I do not need. This week-end sounds good.

These are my New year’s Resolution for 2016. I’m hoping to take care of all of them. 🙂

…………………………………… 🙂


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Resolved

  1. My dearest sister,

    These are very interesting resolves – the second one looks very daunting to me, i.e. learning new languages. I am impressed by your courage to attempt it and pray to God that you manage to fulfill all your resolves 🙂

    • My dearest brother,
      I think the most difficult resolution is clearing the basement in my mind, learning a language requires my interest and brain to achieve it. Clearing the basement requires physical and mental torture, it’s torture because I want to do it but cannot convince my mind it’s necessary so there is a constant tug of war with my mind.
      I hope I can achieve it this year 2016. 🙂

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