Daily Prompts; Sink or Swim

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Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation_ on the job, at home, at school. what was the outcome?

One day my mom decided she’d like to go see her brother and his family in the village. Off she went without telling us how long she’d stay there.

I was left with my younger siblings, my eldest brother and his whiny wife. Neither my brother who was double my age  nor his wife older than him, cared who’d take care of the house such as cooking and all the things related to this chore.

They took it for granted that fourteen year old Ranu is capable of cooking , cleaning and serving. Oh I forgot to mention mom did leave a servant who was up to no good.

Morning, noon, and night I was on kitchen duty. As if this was not bad enough, my aunt, my mom’s sister descended upon us with her five kids and husband as well.

She had no culinary experience rather she wasn’t interested. So it was full house and no sign of  mom . I was thrust with a job I abhorred and a whole bunch of people who could not care less how I was dealing with this unfortunate situation.

Every now and then,I’d hear my aunt calling her daughter Lily and threatening her with ,”Lily your life will end,” I wasn’t sure I’d laugh or be scared of the impending doom that was about to happen.

I asked my cousin,”Does your mother always threaten you like this?”

“From the time I learned to understand the language, she’s been threatening me.”

It put my mind at ease thinking,it’s only a threat.

I started thinking about my aunt, “Why did God create such a useless human, she can’t even get a glass of water for herself, is she really my mom’s sister?”

My mom could cook anything, do all kinds of work even sew. How on earth did her sister escape from learning any of it. I watched her carefully, there was nothing wrong with her health, she had a good appetite, I suppose she had a brain, if she could demand everyone’s attention. Something did not add up.

I didn’t have the luxury of meditating, soon there will be the aunt, my brother, his wife ,the children, all would  come to eat me if the food wasn’t cooked speedily enough.

I wasn’t loving my predicament.One day I  just took a few seconds to look up, I said,  “God please  send my mom back to us, I am exhausted, please have mercy on me!”

………………………………………. 😦