Daily Prompts: B+

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Write about what you did last weekend, as though you were a music critic reviewing a new album.

When I think of weekends I think of grocery shopping. My favorite store is Costco, I am a member so I try to take advantage, I buy food items that  are much cheaper than the regular grocery stores,I mean the Supermarkets, if people realized how the supermarkets rob us, more of them would become members. Membership fees is 52 dollars for regular members and 100 dollars for Executive members. One day I realized if I become an executive member I’d have a lot more privileges than a regular member so I changed from regular to executive.

I must be sounding like a person who is trying to promote the privileges of shopping at Costco. It’s nothing like that, I’m thinking loudly of the benefits I get when I shop there.

Last weekend I checked the book I was reading and was kind of discouraged when I noticed I had only read 422 pages out of 1168 pages, I therefore started reading it to hurry up. I entered the challenge to read 25 books, since I started on the fourth day of January 2016, I’ve read one book and am on my second book. I feel discouraged that I haven’t yet finished reading the second book. I still have over 200 pages left.

I was thinking about my brother who talked about fasting in North America from dawn to dusk,we fast for sixteen hours in summer whereas in other countries in Asia almost half of that, what he was trying to say was, we deserve to get credit for two days, I grinned and said, “May be since you feel so strongly about it, you should send a petition to God, because humans cannot do it.”

Likewise I’m trying to mention is, an average length of a book is around 400 pages, mine has 1168 pages, “can I not  get credit for at least two books instead of one?”

But then again other readers will say,I should have picked the books that have an average of 400 pages. I know I’d lose this argument. But I must admit the book has a lot of pages but it’s a grand book. Do you think I deserve B+ when I finish reading it?

Last weekend I also learned some Spanish and Farsi, I think I may get B+ for my effort,”what do you think, yes or may be not? 😦

…………………………….. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompts: B+

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this nice post. You are doing a great amount of activities. You definitely deserve an “A” for exemplary effort. And a “B+” is a great grade :).

    And yes, I believe that you deserve credit for two books for reading one with 1168 pages! 🙂

    All good wishes,


    • It’s okay, actually my mom used to call me Rani, so you did not misspell my name, thank you.
      Best wishes today, tomorrow and forever,Jahnavi, thank you. 🙂

  2. I say (as in grade A), As all around. From a teacher. If you find enjoyment in the text, that goes beyond the challenge. Learning languages? Outstanding. Extra credit for all this. Life credit. My sister’s family shops at Costco. No Costcos where I am. Thank you!

    • I’m sure your sister will tell you what a great store Costco is.Thanks for the positive marks. I know you are a teacher.
      I too was one but I chose to teach little kids. I always felt they are the ones who don’t hesitate to tell you what they think about you. 🙂

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