Daily Prompts: Learning Style

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What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures or visuals, or simply by reading books?

I prefer learning by an  interactive setting, one- on- one not so much. About one-on -one, I have reservations.

I think I was in third standard, I had a bit of problem with some science questions. My test was next day, I asked my eldest brother if he could help me, well he was more than pleased to offer me help. I do not recall exactly what it was, I only remember it was something about Physics. My brother explained it, but he repeated it so many times I thought he must think I’m stupid, I excused myself and said, “Dada(Bengali word for eldest brother), I understand please don’t repeat anymore.”

Then he asked, “what’s the next question?”

To avoid another round of repetition I lied and said there’s no more I understand the rest.

Next day after school my brother was waiting for me, he asked, “How did you do in the test?”

“I got five out of five in the question you helped me with, but two out of five in the second one which I read by myself,” I said.

“See,” he said, you did not let me explain it.”

“I know,” I said, “but you repeat it so many times.”

I learn through lectures if the Prof. is not reading straight from the book, his voice drags, and he has no intonation to keep me interested.

Visuals are a very good way of learning which I’m doing now when I learn the three languages i.e, Farsi, Spanish and French.I have some background in Spanish and French, but none in Farsi.

I also learn well when I read books.

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Daily Prompts: Reason to Believe

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In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings ,”At the end of every hard-earned day/people find some reason to believe.”  What’s your reason to believe?

My reason to believe,is if I’m sincere at what I’m doing, I’ll be successful. I mean I’ll feel better when my effort is appreciated.

In my childhood, I thought all my efforts at being helpful was always sneered at as if I was putting on a show and nothing I did or said was ever taken seriously by the crowd around me. It was a kind of disappointment I failed to grasp.

What I’m going to relate are trivial things, but back then , I felt wonderful.Once my brother who worked in the tea gardens, came home with a  suitcase full of things, he handed it to me and said, “Ranu this is for you.”

I opened the suitcase and lo and behold, I found all kinds of goodies, chocolates, candies, biscuits in attractive boxes. I shared all of it with my other siblings.

One day I asked the same brother, every time you come you bring a suitcase full of good stuff, and say,”Ranu this is for you.”

What will you say if I keep it all and decide not to share?

He had a broad grin on his face and replied, “I know you won’t do it.”

I felt so good realizing, my brother trusts me.

One of the things I value most is trust, I try not to disappoint anyone. When I see people faking, it breaks my heart.

After a  hard days work, we do need assurance that we did well, it makes us feel happy to know our work is appreciated.

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