Daily Prompts: YAWN

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What bores you?

I very easily get bored, when I invite friends to dinner at six and they come at eight, the two hours that I have to wait, makes me very irritable. There are many reasons, the food that I cooked to serve at six, has to wait for the guests. When I have to wait for two extra hours, the food gets cold, it loses its flavor and the most important part is we are hungry, but cannot eat because our guests haven’t arrived.

Another place I’m bored is at the doctor’s office. When my appointment is at 10.30 am I leave the house to go to  the doctor’s office at 9.45 am, so I’m there on time.  If I’m seen by the doctor at 12.30, it means I’ve lost half of my day.Some doctor’s office have magazines to entertain the patients, but when I check I find they are at least three years old. There are pages missing, they are in poor condition and are not fit to read. I end up sitting and hoping I’ll be seen soon.

………………………………… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompts: YAWN

  1. Goodness, these are reasons to get bored! Two-hour late guests and outdated magazines (when you’re wanting to be with the doctor, anyway). I’d get bored, too. And annoyed.

    • I know,doctors’ appointments are never on time, sometimes two hours minimum. Regards the guests, if they happen to be from my original home, they don’t care if they are late. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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