Daily Prompts: Kick It

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What is the 11th item on your bucket list?

I haven’t thought of a bucket list yet. Let me make a list of things I’d like on my bucket list before this year is  over.

My number one item is to read twenty-five books in twelve months. I am about to start my fourth book, I’m doing well for number one.

Number two is clean up my basement, sadly there is nothing to report now.

Third item is to make sure the felines stop whining. A whiny cat is a terrible bore.

Fourth is I should do something nice for my neighbor, he was kind enough to shovel the end of my driveway.

Number five start working on the limerick challenge for this week.

Number six is get some training in window shopping, I’m always buying, this needs to be curtailed.

Seven is my lucky number, I must do something nice for me, I haven’t decided yet what will make me happy.

Eight is the number which tells me about my weight, it isn’t that bad, I tell my friend “Wait!”

Nine reminds me of fine, I must return the books on time.

Ten out of ten should always be my score on a test.

Eleventh item I feel must be a memorable one, “I must forgive the person who went out of line, for to err is human to forgive Divine!”

This is my post for today folks. 🙂