Daily Prompts: Not Lemonade

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When life gives you lemons make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

This happened a while ago. I think it was the month of May my sister-in-law was furious with her husband. I had no idea what went wrong, so I was trying to pacify her by chatting about things which might bring back the smile on her face. Boy  O Boy, it turned out I was fanning the fire instead of relieving her from whatever was the cause of her irritation.

My brother-in-law knowing no other way to please the wife,  sought  my help. Apparently it was their marriage anniversary but my  not so dear brother-in-law forgot about this solemn occasion.

There I was kind of trapped in a situation which was making the whole atmosphere in the house dreadful. My sister-in-law can be quite crazy at times, no one can please her no matter how hard they try.

I was born into a family where stubbornness was never tolerated. My mom was the boss, you could never get your way by being obstinate.

My brother-in-law was pleading with me to come up with a solution, I sat on the chair thinking how to deal with this crisis. Suddenly I said, “Brother let’s go to watch a movie!”

He was mighty pleased because his wife liked the idea. We went to a movie hall to watch whatever was showing that day. I hated the movie and had a difficult time sitting through three hours of torture.

But the main thing was my brother-in-law was happy, his wife was no longer angry with him.

…………………………… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompts: Not Lemonade

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Wow…forgetting one’s marriage anniversary; that can be difficult :).

    It sounds like your idea of a movie saved the day!

    All good wishes,


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