Daily Prompts: Key Take away

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Give your newer sister and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

I started blogging towards the end of 2012. I was brand new in this field, truly speaking I didn’t even know the word, “Blogging,” I got interested when one of my classmates in the online course, started blogging. I read his post and thought of asking our facilitator, if I could do the same. He encouraged me wholeheartedly and even said, ” I was thinking of asking you to start blogging.”

With his encouragement I took my first baby steps, what will I write I  asked myself? Another classmate in the same course encouraged me to translate Tagore’s poems,”You are a Bengali he said,imagine how many people will be able to understand the poems of this great man.”

This was how I started writing. As time went on I met some amazing people, one of them was Leslie, she told me to read other posts of bloggers write my comment, it was one way of increasing my followers.

I also take part in WordPress’s daily post, every day we are given new prompts to help us with our writing. Things are great, I have lovely followers, who are kind and thoughtful.

I also took  advantage of writing poetry which  WordPress offered in 2015.

Lately I’m enjoying writing ,”Limericks,” it’s offered by, “Mind and life Matters.” These are great experiences for which I’m thankful to everyone who supported me.

I guess happiness does not last forever, sadness hit my blog very recently. I had just finished my morning prayer, and as usual I turned on my computer.

Waiting for me were three emails from the same person, a person whom I don’t know. In her  first one she used  the “F”word, which suddenly brought me down to earth. All I could think was,”Why?” I didn’t deserve this.

Second one started  with   “B” word.

In  third  one she said she will never follow me. I then told myself, I certainly do not want to be followed by this blogger.

I did not open any of these emails. When I looked at the comment section, the abusive comments were there. I deleted them and felt relieved, and hoped no one else read them.

This was one and only thing that made me unhappy.

I mentioned this experience to let the new sisters and brothers know not to be discouraged when or if something like this happens to them. There are a  lot of positives in blogging one negative thing should not stop them .