Daily Prompts: Naked with Black Socks

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Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the  idea of public speaking make you hide in the bathroom? Why?

My earliest experience of facing people began when I was in primary grade. I studied in a convent, all our teachers were nuns. One of the subjects in my grade was learning poem by rote memory. I loved poetry and this was my best subject. Our homework used to be to learn the poem by heart and recite it in front of the class.

The teacher made sure our intonation and pronunciation was correct. We were encouraged  to speak loud and clear , so the people at the back could hear us. To help us know if our voice was heard by those at the back, the teacher would go to the back of the classroom and let us know by hand gesture whether  our voice was  loud enough.

This was my first learning experience of reciting in front of people.

I did feel nervous at first, but later I was quite comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

My teaching job helped me to get better as years went by.

…………………………….. 🙂