Daily Prompts: Longing

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When I got a message on my phone about my brother’s passing, I sat and thought about the  good times we had. He loved our Indian sweets, which were available in the shop, close to our house.

One day my friend , Husne Ara came to my house, my brother was delighted, he knew I’d ask him to get some sweets from the shop. Whenever he went to buy sweets, the manager would give him a plate of sweets free. This was his reason to volunteer to go get the cheeseball syrup or jalebi and laddu.

He was so fond of me, he came to visit me in my in-law’s home in the village, he bought a red sari for me. It was not easy to get there, we had to go to another town on the bus from there hire a rowboat. It was the first time any of us went on a boat. We only traveled by bus, train,or plane. He braved it knowing, I was lonely and could use some company.

We had a lot of fun growing up, he loved teasing me, if I spoke, any other language besides Bengali by mistake, he’d keep repeating until I’d get offended and tell him to stop talking to me. He didn’t take it lightly, he wouldn’t talk to me for a few days, he was hurt because I told   him not to talk to me, even though I was joking.

He always said,”Ranu is our best sister.”

I miss him so much I wish I could see him one last time, but he went away  so quietly!  😦