Daily prompts: Connection

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Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt: CONNECTION

A few years ago I read a poem by Allama Iqbal. I had heard about this poet, I didn’t know him then. I was curious about a poem he wrote in Urdu.

This is the Urdu version:

Masjid toh bana di shab bhar mein

Iman ki hararat walon nay

Mun apna purana papi hai

Barson mein namazi  bun na saka

This is my translation into English:

They built the mosque in one night

The so called honest religious people

They are sinners at heart

In all these years they couldn’t become religious!

My curiosity made me do some research about this poem. According to popular belief there was a piece of land owned by no one. There were two groups who wanted to own it. The challenge was whoever could build a mosque or a temple would become owners of this land. According to the story, a group of Muslims spent the whole night to build a Mosque on that piece of land, they were successful and became the owners. The poet noticed the mosque was built but no one came to pray, this was the reason he wrote the poem.  The story took place in Lahore.

You might think how is this thing connected to me. Well I found out a gentleman named Khurram Ali Shafique was offering an online course on Iqbal studies. I contacted him by email and registered for the course. This is how I made the connection.







6 thoughts on “Daily prompts: Connection

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this very nice post.

    I resonate strongly with this post, as you mention two persons dear to my heart, Allama Iqbal and Khurram Ali Shafique. Khurram Sir’s Iqbal courses are amazing, and I always highly recommend them to anyone else who either wishes to learn about Iqbal and/or expand and evolve their understandings of Islam.

    This is an interesting story of the building of this mosque. Built solely with the intention to acquire ownership of the land sheds light on why no one may have prayed there. I’ve heard it said that every act is worthy according to the person’s intention, and not the outward act itself.

    All good wishes,


  2. My dearest sister,

    Thank you very much for sharing this story 🙂 Yes, it is indeed related to “connection”. I am happy that you made this connection and came to participate in the online courses.

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