Book Review by Ranu

Wuthering Heights: A novel by Emily Bronte

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Originally published , December 1847

Genres: Gothic fiction

Publisher: Thomas Cautley Newby

Characters: Catherine Earnshaw

Heathcliff : an orphan picked up by Catherine’s Father

Edgar Linton: Catherine’s husband

Cathy Linton: daughter of Catherine and Edgar

Isabella: Edgar’s sister

Nelly Dean(Ellen) primary narrator and Catherine’s servant.

Summary :

The story begins with Mr. Lockwood, a tenant of Heathcliff’s visit to his landlord’s home. He chanced to meet Ellen, ( Heathcliff’s servant). He implores Ellen to tell him the story of Heathcliff.

Here’s what Ellen narrates about ,”Wuthering Heights.” Mr. Earnshaw the father of Catherine and Hindley, a farmer and owner of Wuthering Heights brings home an orphan from Liverpool, where he was visiting.

He names the boy Heathcliff, who  is raised with his children. Catherine loved to have the company of another little boy, her brother disliked him for he thought his father was showing more affection to the orphan, as a result they did not get along. Catherine loved playing with him on the moors, the two were oblivious about anyone else. The two were best friends until,Catherine meets Isabella and Edgar Linton, they lived at Thrushcross Grange. Isabella and Edgar were happy to meet Catherine, but stayed clear of Heatcliff. He was unwelcome and treated as an outsider.

Heathcliff  was unhappy and began to think of revenge. In the beginning Catherine gave equal time to the Lintons and Heathcliff, it did not last long and it put the seed of jealousy in Heathcliff’s mind. It grew worse when he overheard Catherine telling Ellen she’d never marry him (Heathcliff). She ends up marrying Edgar. Heathcliff left   Wuthering Heights and was back three years later.

Heathcliff married Isabella,(Edgar’s sister). The seed for revenge was laid.

Soon after the marriage Catherine gives birth to a daughter and the couple named her Cathy.

Heathcliff promises to take revenge, his aim was to take control of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, it took 17 years to be  successful. He made up his mind to destroy everything Edgar holds dear.

He forces Cathy(Edgar’s daughter) to marry his son Linton.

Though I found Heathcliff evil, I still couldn’t help feeling sorry for him.  He was driven to take revenge caring little who gets hurt. Emily Bronte’s description of the place and the characters is exceptional.

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Daily Prompts: Fleeting

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Write a new post in response to today’s  one-word prompt.


This morning while I was thinking what would be the most interesting thing I’d write for today’s prompt, for a FLEETING moment I thought I saw the face of my dad, smiling at me and saying, “Ranu you never had trouble with words,just write what comes to mind.”

This is what came to my mind,I had a very brief encounter with a little boy one evening while I was sitting on a bench in the mall waiting for my daughter to get her work done. Out of nowhere a  little fellow came and sat next to me. I looked and smiled he did the same, his mom probably was worried he was getting friendly with a stranger. She called him, he ignored her, she then said something in her language which was unknown to me.  Like a fine gentleman, he stood up and shook his hands with me. I’ll never forget his sweet smile  before he left.

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