Daily Prompts: CONCEAL

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Write a new post in response to the one-word prompt.


Our feline Raphael loves to play the game of, ‘Hide and Seek,’  he has a green , narrow object shaped like a pencil, he can play for a long time if we agree to play with him. He likes it because he is able to carry it in his mouth. When we stop playing, he lifts the corner of the dining room rug and goes in deeper to hide it so his feline brother wouldn’t find it.

When he runs off with it to conceal his favorite toy, he is unaware his brother is watching him hide it. Some days Gabriel would lift the rug to find the hidden toy, but he’s very good tempered, when his brother comes near to take it, he gives it to him.

Whenever we want Raphael to leave us alone, We say,”Rafa where’s the green thing?”

He’d run and look for it, some days when  he cannot find it,  Rafa comes back to us and let’s out a loud, ‘MEOW.’

Raphael and Gabriel