Daily Prompt: CONTRAST

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I see contrast everywhere yet I don’t know what to write. If my American friend whom we called, ‘Auntie,’ if she was alive and I happened to mention my predicament, she’d look at me with her very serious face and replied, “Why now Chaman, isn’t it awful!”

I would have agreed and said, “Yes, Auntie it is!”

She left us three years ago, I’m here stuck. Now I say to myself, ‘You’re not stuck you’ve just forgotten to look around, you will see contrast everywhere, if you do.”

I went to our favourite place the mall yesterday. I saw infants, toddlers, teenagers, middle aged men and women, going in and out of shops looking for whatever they came to buy or spend time window shopping.

Sephora the cosmetic shop was busy with teenagers wanting to buy things to enhance their beauty, I looked and thought, ‘guys you are naturally pretty, you don’t need anything.’

If I dared to speak, they’d look at me and say, ‘none of your business Mrs. I’ll spend my money not yours.’

How times have changed when I was their age I’d blush and hide, it’s not the case any more. Why is there so much difference the way we behave, whose fault is it?  Is it the parents or  teachers or both responsible for not teaching the kids?

The other day I went to one of the banks and asked for a passbook so I can keep track of my money, this is where I just opened an account. The teller advised me I’d have to pay two dollars just for that little book every month. It sounded odd, I questioned her  because the other bank doesn’t charge any money. This is  one contrast I thought was terrible.

I go to the supermarket the price of foods are the same, but quality of some of them is questionable. These are the differences I find hard to digest.

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