Daily Prompt: SUITCASE

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Today’s Prompt: Suitcase

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I know summer means suitcase, fill it up, go for a trip spend all your money, come back broke and exhausted. I wonder is this a true picture?

Initially I got excited because I was going on a trip to see my near and dear ones, but this traveling has made some of my screws loose. I bought suitcases each time I went to the big city, I bought too many things, so the end result I had to buy an extra suitcase. Now I have too many in storage, which I’d gladly give away or throw away when it’s time for discarding your goods on bulk garbage day.

But sadly the town heads decided to take away that privilege and now I have to pay someone to get rid of extra baggage to clear the mess away.

You’d think we pay taxes for this convenience, which is raised again this year. Oh I get it, it’s to raise the salaries of the councillors who are working less and less, does it make sense, I’m afraid not!

…………………………… 🙂

Mind and Life Matters, limerick challenge week, 15: Prompt: Dark

Mind and Life Limerick challenge,week 15, Prompt: DARK

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Mind and life matters limerick challenge: DARK


What is  he like constantly  I ask

Their vague response  is tough  to unmask

He feels like a breeze

keep your mind at ease

His dark form will in your mind unmask!

…………………………. 🙂