Daily Prompt: SNAP

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Today’s prompt :SNAP

I was busy working in my room, the felines were quiet I was content thinking I won’t be disturbed by Raphael or Gabriel. Suddenly I heard, ‘SNAP,’ I turned off my computer and ran to see where the sound came from.

There in the living room the two felines dropped one of my books from the bookshelf, they were about to tear the book apart,  the scene made me lose my temper. My immediate reaction was to get both of them out of the room and close the door. They meowed for a while, when nothing happened  they  went up to the bedroom for a nap.

…………………………….. 😦

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: SNAP

  1. Dear Ranu,

    I like this post. It reminds me of what our 3 cats get into during their playful, mischievous explorations.

    All good wishes,


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