Daily Prompt: SCARS

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Today’s Prompt: SCARS

In our lives it’s difficult to be free of scars. I’ve gotten all types of scars while doing my work around the kitchen. One day I was cooking chicken accidentally  my hand came into contact with the edge of the saucepan, it was hardly a few seconds, but that part of my hand turned red and within a short time turned black. It took a while for the scar to disappear, I quickly forgot the incidence except when my friend asked, “what happened to your hand?”

I’d then have to relate the story of my scar which I said, “I was careless, this is how I burned my hand.”

You can forget physical scars after a while, but mental scars seem to bother me much longer. I wish I could turn my back and say, she/he is crazy, it doesn’t bother me. I’m very sensitive, I never seem to forget when someone hurts my feelings.

I remember in college there was an incident where instead of telling the girl off I stayed quiet, my friend asked me why did I not react, when I said I didn’t want to. She looked at me and said, “It’s because you don’t have a backbone!”

Those words hurt me so much I decided not to talk to her any more.

Mental scars such as cruelty stays in my mind longer than physical scars!