Daily Prompt: HOPE, Tagore song, singer-Hemant Kumar, translated by Ranu

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One-word prompt for today is :Hope

We all love the word ‘HOPE’, it is so wonderful to think about it and believe as long as we hope we will be successful in life.

Tagore was a very optimistic poet, he believed in ‘Hope,’ he wrote songs about it, here is one of his songs I have translated. In Bengali, hope means ‘Asha,’ it is always used for a female. I’ve never met any male who was named, ‘Hope.’

Tagore has written many songs and poems titled, ‘Mother.’ It doesn’t always mean his own mother, sometimes he means his country, earth or even God.

The following is the translation of this song:

I have come with a lot of hope, dear mother, please don’t turn me away.

No one wants a destitute, I know you will give me shelter.

I do not want anything else, I only want to sit beside your feet.

I do not want anything I only want to call you, my ‘Mother.’

If you do not give me shelter where will I roam around crying?

There in the distance I see terrible dense cloud this night.

Oh Mom I hope you will save me from the perilous storm.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: HOPE, Tagore song, singer-Hemant Kumar, translated by Ranu

    • Tagore’s songs are simple and there are a few singers in Bengal
      who do a great job, Hemant Kumar is one of them.There are others, out of them I like
      Hemant kumar’s voice.Thank you for your comment, Sonya. 🙂

  1. Dear Ranu,

    These are beautiful words of Tagore. Let us lose many things, but never hope.

    All good wishes,


  2. I appreciate the possibilities for mother: mom, nation, earth, or God. The plea and hope in the song could apply to any mother. One who provides shelter, presence, and comfort. Thank you for translating!–Christopher

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