Let’s Write A List: Things I Wish

Things I Wish List.

  1. I wish I stopped complaining about the weather.
  2. I wish I could sing Tagore songs well  like Hemant Kumar.
  3. I wish I could curb my desire to eat sweets.
  4. I wish I studied seriously when I was a student.
  5. Used more time praying and avoid gossiping
  6. Learned to ignore people who annoy me.
  7. Write a poem daily and become as good as others I have known.
  8. Help those who need me.
  9. Avoid unnecessary arguments.
  10. Take more time learning French.
  11. Learn to read, write and understand Arabic.
  12. Wake up before sunrise to offer my prayer.
  13. Have more faith in people.
  14. Make proper use of Fitbit.
  15. Take less time speaking when I get a long distance call.
  16. Avoid eating junk food.
  17. Learn how to create Pingbacks to get more followers.
  18. This is all I can think of now, so this is it.
  19. As Tagore said: “My words are complete and the herb plant is cut off.” 🙂