Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Three: Friend


Feline Raphael is a Siamese breed,

Restlessness is one of his serious misdeeds.

In comes he to my room each day,

Evil intentions are always his way.

No is a word he does not like,

Defiantly he perches ready to strike.

………………………. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration,Day Three:One-Word Inspiration

Hope is the word I’ve chosen. I always felt as long as I have hope to guide me I’d do all right in life.

In college my two brothers gave me financial help. Each month I’d  longingly wait for the money order to come by mail,so I could  pay my fees. If it was a bit delayed I became nervous, but I always had hope that my brothers won’t disappoint me and they didn’t.

I completed my Master’s degree   because of my two awesome brothers and my belief in God. I knew without their help higher studies for me  was out of the question.

After completing my studies, I thought of teaching as my profession but I needed to have a teaching degree, I could not ask my brothers for financial help to study B.Ed, this time I looked for other possibilities, such as a scholarship. I applied and dreamed some kind of miracle to happen, so I could win the scholarship. I had a few things working for me. I wasn’t afraid to be interviewed, I spoke two other languages in addition to my mother tongue, Bengali. One was English, the other was Urdu. With three languages at my disposal, I figured I had a better  chance than the other candidates. The interviewers were pleased and I got the scholarship.

For a very long time I had a strong desire to study in London, England. I was aware my brothers could not provide the funds I needed to fulfill my desire. One more time destiny smiled, I saw an ad in the newspaper, that British Council was offering scholarship to study in London, England. I jumped at the chance, got the necessary documents and applied. A  few weeks later I was called for an interview. I went there but almost passed out when I saw seven people sitting around an oval table all eyes were on little me. I said my  prayer and earnestly wished to be selected.

A month later I got a large thick envelope by mail. It had the airline tickets and other papers explaining where I will stay. This time when I applied I did not expect to be selected, somehow I was.

All these great things happened to me because I was optimistic about my chances.

……………………….. 🙂