Daily Post: Flourish

Today’s one word prompt:    Flourish

I bought five hedge seedlings to fill a corner spot near my other hedge. I felt the open space was inviting the passengers waiting for the bus to throw their coffee cups, cigarette butts and other trash in the corner.

I got them planted with the help of a friend. They were growing nicely, I was positive they will cover the space, I’d be able to deter those who do not have the civic sense to respect other people’s property.

While their growth made my thinking positive, and I thought of getting some more, soon  the cruel harsh  winter that year killed them all, and I am left with the  space, which seems to be an open invitation to trash it.



2 thoughts on “Daily Post: Flourish

  1. Dear Ranu,

    It’s always nice to plant new plants. I think they add such beauty, and new life, to our environment.

    All good wishes,


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