Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Six: Screen

Form: Enjambment

Image from WordPressAn open laptop sitting on a bed in a dark bedroom

My life is a big screen,

it holds memories of,

my loved ones, first it was,

my Dad,he had so much to

give, but he left us

early, we the younger

ones, became orphans,

without understanding

why, Mom took

over, she kept us together.

When I grew up I had no

direction, I knew not then

how, important was education.

I studied, when I felt like

it,slept, longer than necessary

despite, my sister’s constant

reminders, I did what I thought

was, right, someone up

there, must have kept

me, focused.

Or else ,how did I, successfully

fight, off the,

obstacles, on my




4 thoughts on “Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Six: Screen

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this poem. I like very much the skill you show in how succinctly you convey so much of your life in a poem.

    All good wishes,


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