Daily Post: Sing

In response to today’s prompt: SING

Sing is my most favorite word, I don’t think any other word can compete, except God. I can sing my worries away, it makes me feel relieved that there is something that can use as a therapy for my mind.

Sometimes this lyric can make you forget yourself like : Sing a song of six pence,a pocket full of rye

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie

when the pie was opened, the birds began to sing

Oh, wasn’t that a dainty dish you set before the King?

Or Julie Andrews singing the hills are alive with the sound of Music:

Or this Bengali song where it’s asking the man of song to sing some more:

I hope you will realize how valuable songs and their singers are.

#Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight : Reinvent the letter format

Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Today I will write a note to myself, it’s a long time coming, here it goes:

Dear Me,

I think the time has come to set things straight about yourself. You have a habit of giving up on things, whether they are people or just pure worldly things. You have a lot of grievance how things are not the way you want to be. Who hasn’t everyone does, so start with a clean slate. Get into the habit of visiting other blogs, leave your comment, if you don’t hear from them, don’t worry. There will be some who either do not have the time or just plain overwhelmed with the load of work, give them a break. Move on do the same with other bloggers, there are some nice ones out there waiting to know you. Take the opportunity read their post, leave an encouraging comment get the ball rolling pretty soon there will be a lot of bloggers who’d love to interact with you.

Take the advice of Leslie, Marianne and others, who are trying to tell you to come out of your shell, introduce yourself to other bloggers, write some encouraging comments on their blog.

You are doing some amazing things like taking part in the Limerick Challenge, it makes you think, and the time you spend doing it is well spent. I’m sure Rashmi loves reading your limericks, you should read all the limericks of the participants, believe me there is a lot to learn from them. Be active make yourself visible, soon you will have plenty of followers.

What happened to the,”Bloggers World?”. I thought you joined it, but there is nothing from you on that site lately. Yes you recommended some books, then again you should have found out where to post it, you didn’t, therefore you got no feedback, oh you did get one.

I think this would help change your attitude.

Best wishes to you.

It’s me writing to myself 🙂

………………………………………. 🙂