Daily Prompt : SAGA

My response to  one-word prompt : Saga

Adventure or narrative or saga, this is the story of one  family who chose to cross the border to settle and find themselves a homeland, where majority had the same religion. Believe it or not the road to a greener grass was not easy.

They set off one fine morning from their home to find refuge in a safer place. Along the way they met a man who was yelling to loot the house. They walked on ignoring what was going on around them.

When they were close to their destination, they felt safer to call a tonga( A horse drawn cart) or two to take them to their ultimate destination.

Wikipedia free imageHorse_and_buggy.jpg (3072×2304)

Away they went and reached this place in about a half hour. There were several tents, they were given shelter in one of them. Two days later, they were informed there were trains ready to take them to their final home. They felt glad, finally they will see their homeland. They boarded the train in early evening, as the sky began to darken, their train was attacked, all night they heard gun fire, within hours all was quiet and all they could hear and feel was the sound of the train.

As they were moving along night changed to daylight, they saw hundreds of well-wishers offering food and drink and telling them they were praying for their safe journey. When they reached the border they saw smiling faces  offering foods and drinks and telling them they didn’t have to be afraid anymore at last they were home safe!

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