Writing:Into to Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Writing: Intro to poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Poetic Device: Apostrophe

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It’s a joy to see the change of weather

It’s time to fix the garden for this summer

Clearing the garbage is not an easy task

Who will do it for me I often ask?


In comes a truck with three young men

Said they, “give us a chance  to fix your garden.”

They look like amazing workers that I’m sure

My neglected garden all winter does it have a cure?


They worked hard to make the landscape bright

Daffodils, petunias, peonies they made it look all right

One question kept lingering on my mind

The grass I have, is this the right kind?


On hearing this, the leader said, “Don’t you worry,

We’ll bring the best sod in a hurry.”

Everything was in order the men started working

They were  good they didn’t waste  time talking.


My landscape in front looks great

Come see neighbors now, I Can’t wait.

I think I’ll arrange to have a  party

I’ll serve all kinds of stuff and make it hearty!

…………………………………….. 🙂











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2 thoughts on “Writing:Into to Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I tried to do it yesterday,
      But my vicious toothache would not let me do it. It’s not hundred percent okay today,
      but good enough to get it done today. 🙂

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