#Everyday Inspiration, Day Eleven: A cup of Coffee

Day Eleven : A cup of coffee

“A Virtual Coffee Date,”

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell my daughter stories of my childhood and my naughty brothers, first I’d let her get some coffee and a piece of that delicious cake which only exists in, ‘Second Cup.’

I will tell her a few anecdotes about how we were when we were little. I’d tell her about my two older brothers who  sneaked  into the pantry to  steal food one day. They hid behind the door of the pantry, and waited for our servant to lay the cooked food on the table. Once the food was  laid on the table and the servant left,they  tip-toed in  and grabbed some food. They didn’t have time to eat because my other brother who I thought  was coming for the same reason  changed his mind when he saw them,  instead he grabbed their hands  and marched off with them to show my mother what those two were up to.

Mom was not finished cooking yet she was in the  kitchen, when she turned around she saw  the three of them, two of them with their hands full of food.Mom figured out by seeing two of her sons with  food and the third one,  bringing them  with their wrists tied, the scene was comical. My  mom  knew what had happened, she nearly passed out  laughing. I watched the whole thing and could not believe mom did not punish them. 🙂

……………………………………. 🙂



Daily Prompt : DREAM

My response to the one-word prompt : Dream

We all have dreams, big or little depending on how easy or difficult is the dream we aspire to accomplish. I always had quiet dreams which I never let others know. I was  concerned if someone other than me knew it, the chances of me achieve success was slim to none.

I went along the path of life trying to motivate myself to study hard, I knew if I failed I’d be a failure in the trials and tribulations which we all encounter and would disappoint my Mom.

I felt all the negative vibes thrown against me by one of my closest relation. I spent so much time thinking, even if I heard the comment, I paid no attention at all. When I think back about the criticisms hurled at me, I feel grateful it did not tear me apart or lose my confidence.

To me ones success depends on dreams one has, it helps to focus to climb the ladder of reaching the heights.

…………………………… 🙂

Writing: #Intro to Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetic form: Sonnet

Tomorrow God willing I will not complain,

My toothache will leave and I will be sane.

Time is short there is so much to do,

My tooth hurts how will I chew?


I must not procrastinate,

But gather clothes to donate,

I must leave them on my front door,

I hope we won’t have snow anymore.


Once I get this chore done,

I will sit and have some fun.

I wish to watch some quality tennis,

My favorite player is Milos Raonic.


I hope he can serve his best,

And ends up  scaring all  the rest.



My blogger friends day ten is complete,

Won’t you  read my poem before you retreat? 🙂


Thanks to the members  of the WordPress team,

For giving us this  marvelous  opportunity to gleam! 🙂