Writing: #Intro to Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetic form: Sonnet

Tomorrow God willing I will not complain,

My toothache will leave and I will be sane.

Time is short there is so much to do,

My tooth hurts how will I chew?


I must not procrastinate,

But gather clothes to donate,

I must leave them on my front door,

I hope we won’t have snow anymore.


Once I get this chore done,

I will sit and have some fun.

I wish to watch some quality tennis,

My favorite player is Milos Raonic.


I hope he can serve his best,

And ends up  scaring all  the rest.



My blogger friends day ten is complete,

Won’t you  read my poem before you retreat? 🙂


Thanks to the members  of the WordPress team,

For giving us this  marvelous  opportunity to gleam! 🙂




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