#Everyday Inspiration, Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

It was not easy to find something to write on this assignment, I thought about books, movies or a piece of artwork, none of them satisfied me as I thought how much do I know about them.

I Thought of writing about a book, as I had read so many past five months. It was difficult to pick which one. Rather than waste time because I’m already late, I went to the WordPress resource page. One that caught my attention is Pet Adoption.

As I know what one goes through when deciding to adopt a pet, I felt I have more knowledge of pet adoption, than any other topic.

Two years ago we adopted two felines from the same litter, actually we planned to get one, but when we noticed the poor feline was very lonely, we bought the other one from the same litter. When the second one came the first one was very happy.We named them Gabriel and Raphael. While these felines are fun to have around, they make our going out of town challenging. We are opposed to putting them in the kennels in the city, we have seen some, how they take care of them is terrible.

We had three felines before these two, we used to leave them in the kennel, when we went on vacation, they put them in cages, have a piece of plastic litter pan which is no larger than a a foot in length and the width maybe six inches. I was sure our cats could not use these litter pans, then the question  is how do they use these pans, if not what do i.e the workers do  to take care of it.

Our previous felines were scared when we took them to the kennels, which proved they were mishandled.

At present we have two they are a Siamese. We have managed to find friends who took care of them while we were out of town. This we find  is increasingly difficult. This is one of the drawbacks of adopting pets.

We love them, they are good company but they can be very destructive, they have torn the tablecloths on the dining table, broken table lamps and never stop doing evil things, I wonder is it our fault, we did not discipline them. So shall we consider, the maxim, ‘spare the rod spoil the felines’ or ‘spare the water bottle ruin the felines.’IMG_0857the siamese breed


2 thoughts on “#Everyday Inspiration, Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

  1. Dear Ranu,

    I always enjoy reading about your life connects with the lives of your feline companions :).

    All good wishes,


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