Daily Prompt: FORK

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Fork

“Civilization has taught us to eat with a fork, but even now if nobody is around we use fingers.”   ___ Will Rogers

The above quote is interesting, it encouraged me to write my views on eating with a  fork.

The quote by Will Rogers gives me the impression if we do not use fork to eat our food, we are not civilized. There are many people all over the world who use their fingers to eat, even if they have tons of forks in their kitchen.

I eat with my fingers and I feel food tastes better without a fork.  I use my fingers to eat rice, it helps me  mix the vegetables and meat. I get real taste by doing so. Does it make me uncivilized or why should I use my fingers only when no one’s around.

The thought that we use fingers when nobody is around, makes little sense, the fact that we use our fingers is because food tastes better.

Certain types of food like steak or roast is easier to eat with fork and knife. But curries, stews, rice and fish, is easier to eat with  fingers.

Dessert is another food item where fork or spoon is used all because it is simple, in my opinion because I try both. However chapatis (Indian round white flat bread) works better if we use our fingers.

The only advantage of using a fork to eat I think is  because we eat less, esp. Rice, Curry, Lentil and so on.



Butter_Paneer_Tomato_Curry_with_Rice_and_Chapati.jpg (2600×2600)

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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: FORK

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. It reminds me of how I like to visit Ethiopian restaurants. There we eat with our clean fingers, picking up food with the nice bread they bake.

    All good wishes,


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