#Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: A Map As Your Muse

Day Seventeen : A Map As Your Muse


Baltimore Street is in the corner of Elizabeth Avenue. If you walk along Elizabeth Ave., you will see  newly constructed houses on your right, keep walking until you come to the light, cross the street, still on Elizabeth Ave, you will find a gas station on your right, keep walking, you will see another street, do not cross the street, but turn on your right and you will see the Shopper’s Drugmart, walk until you are facing the store, on its right there are doors leading inside, go in and you will see a Tim Horton’s Doughnut place, on its left there are stairs going down where there is a shop where you can order, tea or coffee, and some sandwiches, there are chairs outside the store to sit and enjoy your coffee.

You can get out and walk in the park, where there is a soccer field. To go to the park you have to cross the road . It is opposite the Churchill square strip mall, There is a statue of Winston Churchill. This is all for now.

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Daily Prompt: ORDERLY

In response to today’s one-word prompt: Orderly

I registered to do my undergraduate course at Holy Cross College, at seventeen I wasn’t nervous to be taught by nuns, I already had enough experience in Presentation Convent school, where we were taught by Irish nuns.

I think they are the most efficient teachers I ever had, they were strict, liked things to be orderly, we completely understood what we were expected to do. They were dedicated teachers, who made sure their students were performing up to their potential, sometimes they encouraged us to go beyond, they believed it never hurts to try to not just work up to our capability but go beyond.”Do not give up was their motto.”

It helps when we learn to be organized I strongly believe the educational institutions, should follow the example of the nuns. These days I find kids are not very organized, not just studies, but also how they look after their personal things, their clothes, their room, I mean the overall things, it teaches responsibility. I’ve had a tough time instilling this quality in my near and dear ones.

We watch on TV hoarding, messy bedrooms, clothes thrown around the bedroom and beyond. We were strictly instructed   to  stop leaving our clothes on the bed, floor, or anywhere else. If anyone in our residence did something like this, a meeting was called and the importance of orderliness was emphasized, sometimes the teacher did not hesitate to point out the culprit.

The term ‘Independence,’ is impressive, it has its drawbacks, it leads to problematic behavior. Young minds have to learn to be orderly to keep their life from falling apart.

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#Everyday Inspiration, Day, Sixteen : Mine your Own Material

Day, Sixteen: Mine Your  Own  Material

This is a shot I took from the TV , Joe Willy Tsonga   was playing a tennis match. Our feline friends, Gabriel  and Raphael were fascinated when they saw the  bouncing yellow tennis ball,both Rafael and Gabriel inched closer to the tube, staying down looking up didn’t seem very convenient to them, I thought it was so cute to watch them trying to figure out what was happening. Raphael the ring leader jumped up closer in front, as I wasn’t sure what was on their mind I let them stay close to the TV.

I could not believe they went closer because they thought of getting the bright yellow ball. Every time Jo bounced the ball Raphael would extend his front paw to catch it, after several tries he gave up and let his brother try. Gabriel must have thought how hard can it be, he too tried the same thing as his brother. When they realized it didn’t seem easy, they left to find something else to have fun.

They looked so cute I had to take a shot of this interesting event.

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