Daily Prompt: Blank

In response to today’s one-word prompt: Blank

I have a habit of going to bed early, it doesn’t matter if I have work to complete I still  leave it for next day. I’m so conditioned even  if I’m only  half hour late, I stay awake the whole night.

In the university residence where I stayed to complete my degree I shared my room with a  senior student. She noticed I was always going to bed at 10 pm. One evening she said, “Chaman, I’d like to speak to you.”

“About what,”  I said?

She said, “you know this is exam time, you go to sleep too early you must stay awake longer, all your classmates are studying when you are asleep.”

“I don’t care,” I said, “I need my sleep.”

“You must stay up longer, or your classmates would do better than you in the exams,” she said.

Will do better than me these words caught my attention, and I stayed up till 1:30 am that night.

In the morning I had my third exam, I felt a bit queasy but hoped it would be better gradually before I go to the exam hall. Well nothing changed. The invigilator came in and delivered the question papers. I looked at mine I felt  fuzzy, I was alarmed when I read the questions, it seemed I knew nothing. I had studied hard all year why can’t I remember anything.

I stayed quiet for a few moments, my mind was still totally BLANK, I took few more moments, then read the questions one at a time, I started feeling better, I attempted one question at a time, it felt my brain was coming alive. I was able to complete my exam. I realized then, I must not listen to anyone where my health is concerned. I know what works for me.

I told my roommate in future she must never interfere with my sleeping pattern, If I was unable to finish my exam that day, I would’ve had  to repeat the year. She did not bother me after this incidence.

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#Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen: A Series of Anecdotes

Day Eighteen: Compose a Series of Anecdotes

Gander, Newfoundland: It is a small town we moved to from Montreal, my husband got a job as an Ophthalmologist.  He made the move because he thought we were only going to live there for two years.  He needed two more years to get his Canadian citizenship, which was a requirement in the province of Quebec, if the individual wanted to start private practice His boss encouraged him because he said, ” In two years I will retire, and you can come back and take over my Ophthalmology practice. My hubby was delighted and so was I.

Next year we went to Montreal for a trip, I saw my husband’s boss, we had a long chat mostly my husband and he. I was the listener.

Two days later we went to Chicago for three weeks, I saw a few of my husband’s friends, among them was a very jovial Angie Dizzone, she was a great person to hang out with. She invited us to dinner of Meat Balls and Spaghetti Italian Style, Angie was an Italian and it was her favorite dish, I must admit she was a great cook and an amusing person.

In the evening we went to visit Auntie Jean, an American, she was very fond of my husband, they got connected on a Thanksgiving Day, from then on my husband always visited her, going back to the evening Aunt Jeanie had a friend who was an awesome singer, she was invited too, her name  was Juliette a tall friendly lady, Angie Dizzone also came  for a visit. Aunt Jeanie requested Juliette to sing a song, since it was Christmas Season,Juliette sang, ‘O Holy Night,’ her voice was mesmerizing. We were all quiet, suddenly, Angie yelled out, “She don’t need a Mike,” we started laughing.

Three weeks in Chicago seemed like a dream, before we left the big city we went to visit our American Friend Jean Finley once more. After the visit, we were on our way back to Gander by Air Canada, we had a stopover in Montreal. We always stayed with our friends, Dilruba and Raqib Chowdhury. The evening we arrived, Dilruba took me aside and said, “have you heard the news?”

“What news,” I said.

“Dr. Duclos( my husband’s boss) passed away.”

I was speechless, we had seen him only two and a half weeks ago, how could he die?

Apparently Dr. Duclos and his sister went to New Brunswick to visit their friends. On their way back Dr. Duclos  was driving his  car, suddenly it was hit by an oncoming vehicle, Dr.Duclos died instantly, his sister survived.

After this news my husband was broken-hearted, his plan to go back to Montreal was put on hold.

The following year my husband had a massive heart attack, this time my husband gave up the idea of going  back to Montreal for good, with a sickness like that it was not advisable to go for private practice in an area where there would be a lot stress.

Which brings to mind: “Man proposes, God disposes.”

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