#Everyday Inspiration, Day Twenty: Course Wrap it Up

Day Twenty: Wrap it Up

There was one assignment I enjoyed writing, in which I did experience an ‘Aha!’ moment.

It was Day eighteen where I wrote a series of anecdotes. It gave me great pleasure to relive that summer holiday. As I was thinking I didn’t know if I’d be able to reproduce my experience in words. When I started writing it seemed like watching a movie, changing scenes where different things were  happening one after the other and I was the one watching this three-week movie. There were sad and happy news. It was sad my husband’s boss passed away, he was such a jovial personality. He loved teasing me by saying,”so you are learning to drive, do not drive on my street, I don’t want to see an accident.”

It’s so sad to know he died in an accident while driving his car, it wasn’t his fault, did destiny make him say those words, which happened to him a year later, I wonder!

When I think of our lives we take the good with the bad and eventually block off the bad and relive the good.

Daily Prompt: Angry

In response to the one-word prompt: Angry

Physical Symptoms of Anger-related problems include:


*Heart Palpitations or tightening of the chest

*Increased blood pressure


*Pressure in the head or sinus cavities


These symptoms are enough to remind us that we all should try to control Anger. As humans sometimes it seems we are unable to check it.

I was watching a tennis match the other day, one of the contestants was making too many errors, in a fit of anger he started hitting the surface of the tennis court with his racket. The end result was he broke the racket and was fined a few thousand dollars for racket abuse. If he had thought of the mistakes he was making, he’d know it wasn’t the racket’s fault but his. When a person is that angry any kind of reasoning by a third party would not be helpful, rather he’d probably not hesitate to use it on one who’s giving the advice.

I’ve had my bouts of anger, I didn’t break anything but did show it by my tone of voice.

My husband always reminded me, anger only hurts me and no one else. There were times I wanted to use his words when he was angry, but I didn’t.

I find our two felines getting angry at each other, they bite each other’s ears, and keep at it until I take them apart. Next moment they are friendly and hug each other. There is a lesson to be learned by us from these felines. We hold on to our anger much longer.

I remember an incident in my childhood,my brother and I were going somewhere, we got caught up in the middle of a crowd of people, my younger brother was in a hurry to get away, while trying to free himself he bumped into a woman wearing a Burqa, she was fuming with anger, she said in Punjabi, “Ai munday tera bera ghark hovay.” (hey kid hope you drown or die).those words after all these years still echoes in my mind. At that time it scared me I knew she was unhappy and wished he’d die. I did not tell mom, she was very superstitious and would have stopped us from going out.

Anger makes a person incoherent, like that woman I wrote about.

………………………………….. 🙂