Daily Post : SKY

In response to wordpress one-word prompt : Sky

Each morning I wake up and look out the window to see the color of the sky. I know it either shows clouds or the blue sky. This morning outside looked bright, I immediately decided I must go for a walk, I checked the weather channel on TV, it showed 10 degrees Celsius, I was certain it’s warm, I dressed up in my light shirt and light trousers. I thought I wouldn’t need a cardigan but must wear a thin jacket just in case the clouds move in out of nowhere and rain starts falling.

I got out of my house and started walking in the direction of the bus stop, as I was walking the air felt chilly, I kept walking because I did not want to go back to the house to change. I looked around saw each passerby was wearing a warmer jacket than mine. The bus was due in five minutes, not enough time for me to go back and change. I stayed and waited for the bus, it came I got on, tried to ignore the cold wind,I knew I’d be in the mall in ten minutes, when I’m inside who cares if it’s cold outside. I walked around in the mall for an hour. It was noon I hurried to the bus stop, waited a couple of minutes for the bus, when it arrived I got on. I thanked my lucky stars that the weather did not get too cold. Next time I’d be more careful, before I step out of the house, the sunny  blue sky doesn’t always mean  it’s warm.

Why do I always forget I am in Newfoundland, here days are unpredictable.



Commenting Basics: Day Three: Ask Some Questions

Day Three: Ask some questions

I read the poems of the lonely author and asked the following questions: After reading your two poems, 1. Falling and 2. We Breathe the Same Air. I get the impression you like writing poetry more than prose. Am I right, or do you have some other reason? I’d like to know your answer please, thank you. 🙂

The link is http://thelonelyauthorblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/falling/

…………………………… 🙂