Daily Post: Childhood

In response to daily posts’s prompt: Childhood

My Childhood

When I look back at my life so far, I must admit, my most favorite years were the ones, when I was a child. I was free, I played, I sang when I felt lonely. I had my siblings whom I played with after school. I needed no friends, my siblings were my world.

I played with my two older brothers, I remember I was playing cricket with them, they had their friends also, I was never afraid, I had my brothers, who’d look after me, the other boys wouldn’t dare drive me away, because I was a girl.

I played with my younger siblings too, we used to play with dolls, ones I made myself with mom’s help. We had a great time, being parents and getting our dolls to be bride and groom.

We did not play the same game, we’d go on hikes exploring the neighborhood, once we landed at a place where they were frying parathas( Indian flat bread fried in clarified butter) we hung around and the older people gave us some to eat. It was terrific. The occasion was Muharram a Muslim celebration.

Whenever my mom was having trouble lighting the wood, I’d take an ax to split the wood, I’d have my left foot on the thick wood, and tried to split it with an ax with my right hand. My dad never knew I was doing such a dangerous thing. My mom would call me and say, “Rani can you split the wood for me?”

I’d be delighted and I’d say, “Sure Amma (Mom) I’m coming,”

She was so busy,she had no idea what I was using to split the wood. Those were my most memorable years. No I never got hurt, I guess my Guardian Angels were looking after me. This is what I’m thinking now, at the time I wasn’t afraid, fear was unknown to me.

When I think about my children, I’d never let a nine year old touch an ax, let alone use it to split wood.

I had twelve solid years of fun day in and day out, then the worst happened my beloved Dad died we moved away to Bangladesh, and nothing was the same.

I’m thankful at least my childhood was a lot of fun when my dad was alive.

……………………………………. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Daily Post: Childhood

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post.

    When you wrote the statement, “…fear was unknown to me,” it made me think of how we may all get back there, back to that point of awareness where fear is unknown to us.

    All good wishes,


  2. Awhhh thank you for this post! Always love reading about your childhood days!! It is very true, as children we are so free, Masha’Allah.

    Have a beautiful day and Ramadan mubarak ❤️

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