Daily Post : SMOOTH

In response to daily posts one-word prompt:  Smooth

I like things that are smooth especially fabric, it feels good to wear it. But I’m not sure of a smooth talker. I have a relative, who never contacts me at all but when I accidentally meet him he talks as if I’m the best person he has known. The way he talks you’re almost afraid to point out the fact, if I’m so good why don’t you call me. His mother was the same.

Out of the blue she called me one day, immediately I felt she must want something why else did she call after such a long time. She complained she doesn’t have time but next time I’d hear from her regularly. As promised she did call but the catch was her grandson was accepted in a school in the States but at the  moment she couldn’t provide the fees, could it be possible for me to lend her some.  She promised she’d return the amount in any form, dollar, sterling or whatever. I excused myself, I told her, “how will I lend you so much money?” I never heard from her again.

In our language when someone tries to fool you, we say,’I wasn’t born yesterday do not try to fool me.’

One saying is: “Stay away from smooth talkers.”


Commenting basics, day Five: Commenting on Comments

Day Five: commenting on comments

A conversation between me and Indira.

This was my comment on Indira’s blog, after I read her story about the dog and the squirrel.

Ranu’s Comment to Indira: Your story about the dog and the squirrel is awesome. The dog I feel came back twice, first to make sure he was safe, so he sniffed your feet and ran away. When you didn’t chase him, he thought it was safe to play with you, which is why he wagged his tail and licked your feet.

The squirrel wasn’t sure how to take you, it didn’t feel safe to hangout, so it ran away.

Would you say my observation is correct?

Indira: Your observation is perfect dear.Love and hugs.

Ranu: Love and hugs to you too, it’s long time no see.  🙂

……………………………….. 🙂