The Daily Post: Playful

In response to the daily post’s one -word prompt: Playful

There were many a time when my playful joke did not sit well with my friends. They think I’m sarcastic when I’m really joking. I guess my childhood is responsible for that, I sort of try to imitate my Dad, not thinking that my father wasn’t joking when he’d call me and say, “Ma take this food for your mother.”

I thought my Dad was being nice, but oh no mom pointed out this was his way of saying the food is not worth eating.

I recall saying things to my friend, which in my mind is a joke, the reply from them is, “Can’t you hear the sarcasm in your voice?”

I once said something to one of my students, meaning it to be funny, he gave me a look and then blurted out, “Not funny Miss.”

It’s a lot safer to tell the felines, “Hey Fatso you are eating too much!” It’s Gabriel who hears that quite often, but he continues chomping down his and Raphael’s food.

Imagine if I said that to a human by mistake, they’d never see me again. This is the difference between humans and felines in our case, we only have those two gremlins in our house.

When I was little, my brothers used to call me mootki, i.e fatso in English. Once my dad heard it, he warned my brothers, if they called me mootki again he’d take them to task. I was never fat, so it really did not bother me.

Playful jokes can be hurtful as my mom would say, they hurt ones self confidence.

…………………………………….. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Playful

    • Yes it’s true, sometimes I tell my friends I can read between the lines.
      Thank you Sue for your comment and deciding to follow my blog. 🙂

  1. Dear Ranu,

    As you point out, playful jokes can be harmful if a person doesn’t clearly know our intent.

    All good wishes,


    • dear Robert,
      Thank you, my brothers always called me “Mutki,” i.e, fatty, I was never fatty so it did not bother me.
      My dad didn’t like it though. 🙂

  2. I have a cat-friend who without apology eats like a dog. Maybe he’s a joke from nature. Or simply always really, really hungry.

    I’m all for healthy humor. And I think that it exists. I think you are good and funny here. About your dad’s comment to your mom about the food, I’m not so sure.

    Thanks for writing about jokes and humor!–Christopher

    • When I was eight or nine, I always felt my dad was being nice to mom, but my mom’s reaction told me,
      he didn’t like her cooking that particular day so he wanted her to taste it. I didn’t know, I thought my
      mom was the best cook in the world, how could my dad not like it. We kids loved her food, Dad probably was used to his mom’s cooking.
      Although I’m not sure how long he hung out with her in the village, as soon as he was through elementary school, his brother had him
      over in the town where he was working, from there my dad went on to Kolkata, finished his undergraduate degree, got a job,then his services was
      borrowed by ministry of defense in New Delhi.He never looked back. He left the village behind eons ago. I heard this story from my older sister.
      I just finished commenting basics, they tell us to be wise while commenting and tell about us in the process. You’re my first guinea pig. how do you like it?
      Not much right? Well Christopher that’s all for now! 🙂
      I almost wrote a biography of my dad.

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