The Daily Post : Simplicity

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Simplicity

This prompt i.e., “Simplicity,” comes at a time when I wonder if this word has any value. All my life I have tried to be who I am, I lead a very simple life, I say very little and most of the time I’m very quiet, I never try to present myself as a know it all.

One of my friends’ once said, “Sabeth you’ll never have any enemies, you are so quiet.”

I smiled and said, “You are wrong, Prasad, but I do.”

He looked at me and said, ” I do not believe it how could you, you never say a word?”

I told him what I discovered from a classmate of mine when she decided to come with me to the library. After complaining about a fellow classmate, she told me she thought I was a very proud person, what gave her the idea, because I was so quiet.

Prasad was surprised how someone could come to this  conclusion.

Guess what I found out, maybe I’d write it later.

…………………………………… 🙂